Low-Cost Summer Vacation Learning Ideas for Parents

To capitalize on what students have learned over the course of the past year, and to avoid the dreaded summer slide, it’s imperative that parents get on board and keep their children learning over the summer months.

With a little bit of foreplanning, however, parents can use the summer months to carry on the learning process. Today on TeachHUB.com, frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox, also a seasoned educator, makes several suggestions on how parents can introduce some fun-based learning to those long summer days. Her ideas include bringing kids out to:

  • Bible School
  • Volunteer
  • Pick Fruit
  • And More!

In summation, Janelle says: “It’s so important to integrate learning into everyday of your summer vacation. Whether you at home, in the car, or even at a restaurant, make sure that you are always teaching your children. Talk to your children and encourage them to use their critical thinking and problem skills to answer you. Don’t do anything stressful or even go out and buy games, all you have to is ask them to read the menu, or figure out how much to tip at dinner. Just buy keeping an open-line communication with your children you are teaching them and they are learning.”

Do you know of any low-cost summer learning activities to do with children during the summer months?

curriculum map is a catch-all tool (really a process) that collects and records curriculum-related data that spotlights skills taught, content taught, and methodology and assessments used for each subject and grade.

Whew, that’s a mouthful for even the wonkiest of educational enthusiasts! But recently, frequent TeachHUB.com contributor Jacqui Murray, herself a technology teacher on the West Coast, took the time to explain what a curriculum map is, and how to design and use one effectively.

Jacqui noted that a curriculum map generally includes:

•    Specific skills
•    Assessments
•    Essential questions
•    Big ideas
•    Accommodations
•    Materials required