Multimedia Podcast: Coping with Stress

In this week’s multimedia podcast, we list out a few ideas that can go a long way toward removing stress from your teaching workday.

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Classroom Activities to Help Students Multiply

Any elementary educator knows that teaching multiplication is vnever easy. And recent research shows that even rote memorization, long since regarded as the holy grail of teaching multiplication tables, doesn’t always work for all students.

So today on, frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox, herself a seasoned educator on the East Coast, looks at some classroom activities that are designed to think outside the proverbial math box and make learning multiplication perhaps a little easier.

Janelle’s ideas include:

  • Multiplying by zero
  • Doubling facts
  • Seeing patterns
  • And more!

In summation, Janelle says: “Unfortunately, not all numbers fit into a pattern, or have a simple trick. These numbers will have to be memorized. The good news is that there are only about 10 of them, so all of the rest of the numbers will be quite easy for students to understand and remember using the tips and tricks from above.”

Do you have any multiplication tips or tricks that you teach your students?

5 Summer Activities to Keep Students Learning
Students and teachers alike are anticipating the end of the school year, and the two-month break that then commences, giving all a chance to rest and recharge before the back-to-school process begins anew.

  • Go Geocaching (a scavenger hunt)
  • Play an instrument
  • Keep a Journal
  • And More!