Professional Development: Starting a Faculty Book Club

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A faculty book club can be a wonderful way for teachers to get access to professional development as well as bond with other educators within the confines of their school.

But book clubs are one of those great ideas that no one wants to take the time to launch.

With that in mind, today’s centerpiece article on, penned by seasoned educator Jordan Catapano (who is an English teacher in the Chicago suburbs), takes a look at some concrete ways for you to launch a book club at your school.

Jordan’s ideas (and how to carry them out) include:

Find other members
Communicate with administrators
Schedule the discussions
And more!

Jordan sums up his article thusly: “Honestly, it’s a difficult task to rally enthusiasm and form a voluntary faculty book club. But it will never happen unless someone like you dives in and figures out how to make it work. Take the steps above as a general guideline, and discover how you might turn yourself from being a book-lover into a genuine leader.”

Did you have success starting a faculty book club? How did you go about starting it? Do you have any helpful tips to share? Let us know!

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