Professional Development: Why Do Teachers Quit?

Why do teachers quit? It’s a perennial perplexing question that has plagues administrators since the onset of education, and it’s particularly thorny in that teachers have a 4 percent higher turnover rate than any other profession.

Today on, frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox, herself a seasoned educator based on the East Coast, explores many of the reasons why educators quit the profession in droves, whether for reasons of professional development or otherwise.
Janelle looks at the myriad of facts supporting resignations, and states that salaries indeed do play a part when it comes to low teacher retention rates.

Janelle sums upper her article wondering, “What does this all mean?”: “Based upon other educational statistics, there is a range of factors that influences teacher retention, with teacher satisfaction being on the top of that list. Schools that know how to manage and respond to student behavior have far better teacher retention rates. Along with schools that give value to their teachers by really listening to them and allowing them a voice in all matters. Parent involvement and student achievement are among other factors. Overall, teachers who receive these elements are more satisfied with their job, and will stay at it.”

What is your view on teacher retention? Why do you think teachers quit the profession, and why do some stay?

Classroom Management During Reading Groups

A big hurdle for all elementary teachers to overcome is how to manage class during reading groups. It can be difficult for an educator to maintain control of her students while some are being pulled to attend those reading groups.

Today on, frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox, who has a deep educational background, offers up 10 classroom management tips for teachers looking for ways to keep students busy while teaching reading groups. These tips include:

  Literacy Games
  Buddy Reading
  Technology Time
  And More!

The goal of keeping students busy is to ensure that you won’t be interrupted during the important time of reading groups.

How do you manage students during reading groups? Do you have any tricks or tips that work for your classroom?