Put 'em to Work with Classroom Jobs

Hopefully, at this point, your year is chugging along nicely. You and your friends have settled into your routine and you’re off! It’s time to learn!

So what happens when you’ve been so engrossed in your teaching that it’s suddenly five minutes before the end of the day, you have a million odds and ends to take care of and nobody has their backpack yet? (Hint: the answer is not “freak out.”) This is the time that you truly need to rely on your little friends to help you get it all done.

Now, most of you probably already have a few classroom jobs posted and in full swing. Bravo! My challenge to you is to create even more jobs. Yes, more jobs! Our little friends love to help – sometimes to the point where them asking how they can help actually becomes less than helpful. At one point, I had a system where every single child in my class had some sort of responsibility each week.