School Holiday Party Ideas

Is it just me or have school holiday parties transformed from fun, casual celebrations to PC-pressure cookers?

  • I'm questioning all my activities to make sure they don't cross any lines:

~ Are games, crafts, movies or projects too religious (do Santa and reindeer cross a line; should I just stick with a winter theme? How many snow flakes can we really make).

~ Should I still try to knock out the next step in my curriculum even though the kids are totally checked out before break?

~ Can I include snacks? (With health food initiatives at a lot of schools, do parties have to be all fruits and veggies? Should we decorate apples like they’re snowman faces instead of doing cookies and other sugary fare?)

Holiday parties may be getting a little dicier, but luckily there are tons of resources and activities out there to knock your students' candy-cane-striped socks off - whatever your grade level or school rules!