Spark Class Spirit with Tie-Dye T-shirts Project

Having students create tie-dyed T-shirts is a great way to build class spirit. If you choose a class color or color-scheme, it’s also a wonderful way to keep your students together on a field trip or locate them during school activities.

No more searching in vain for your students among hundreds of kids at an event—just look for the tie-dyed shirts that belong to you! In addition, tie-dye shirts give your students a sense of pride during special events like Field Days or Class Kickball Tournaments, and kids can keep them as a memento of a great school year together!

There are several ways to do this project, but many of them are messy and time-consuming. Fortunately, I’ve learned one way that’s quite easy while still being fun for kids.

In this method, the students will tie their shirts themselves, but they won’t actually put the dye on the shirts. Instead, you will dye the entire batch of shirts in a washing machine. Don’t worry—you can get the stains out of your washer by filling it with water, adding detergent and a cup of bleach, and running it through a wash cycle. I’ve done it many times without a problem.v