Spark Enthusiasm with Seasonal Lessons

Seasonal activities are a great way to actively engage kids in learning, and it’s easier than you might think to create holiday-themed lessons. In this article I’ll share where to find free and inexpensive seasonal activities and how to create your own holiday activities aligned with your curriculum.

When I first began teaching, I thought holiday activities were just for young children and they didn’t have a place in the upper grades. But later I collaborated with several other teachers to present a series of monthly cooperative learning support meetings in my district, and my eyes were opened!

I realized that holidays offer a wealth of content that can be used for instruction, and you can easily create fun, engaging lessons that stimulate higher-level thinking. Kids can get bored with the same daily routines, and including a seasonal activity from time to time sparks enthusiasm in the classroom. Holiday activities also allow you to integrate content across multiple curriculum areas which makes the learning process even more fun and engaging!