Summer Vacation: How Pets Can Help Kids Learn

Did you know that pets are a great way for kids to keep learning through the summer months?

It’s true! Today on, frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox takes a look at some of the ways that interacting with pets can help kids learn. Her ideas include:

  • Reading to Pets
  • Make Toys for Pets
  • Learn the Value of Money
  • And More!

Janelle sums up her article thusly: The summertime can be tough to get children to want to learn. But, you can make it easy on them by simply telling them to simply go play with their dog. Pets can be a lot of fun and may be just be the key to getting and keeping students learning all summer long!”

Do you have any pet-related activities that students will love to do during the summer months at home?

Classroom Management: Guest Speakers Support Learning

To enhance the real-world aspects of your class, you should think about bringing in guest speaker to provide a glimpse into the lives of an interesting local person.

Yesterday on, writer Janelle Cox examined how guest speakers can make an impact on a class and how to set one up. Her ways included:

  • Choosing a Guest Speaker
  • How to Get the Most from Your Speaker
  • How to Host a Guest Speaker

Janelle also detailed ideas on how to carry out each idea.

In summation, Janelle noted: “Inviting guest speakers to your classroom is a not only a wonderful way for students to learn about a specific topic, but it also introduces them to other professions and career opportunities. Whether you invite a veteran, policeman, author, professor, nurse, veterinarian, dentist, musician, or lawyer, your students will leave the experience with more knowledge then they came into with.

Do you invite guest speakers to your classroom? Which speakers did you find had the most impact on your students and why?