Teaching Strategies: The 4 Essential Writing Steps

All too often, when writing a paper, students merely sit down and start composing, without employing any prior though as to steps that might assist them in the writing process.

This is a flawed method of composition. Today’s centerpiece article on TeachHUB.com, penned by frequent contributor Jordan Catapano (who is a veteran English teacher in the Chicago suburbs, so you can bet he know his stuff), names and explains the four essential steps to writing a paper.

These steps (and accompanying explanations) include:

  • Brainstorm
  • Outline
  • Draft
  • Edit

Jordan sums up his article in this manner: “So as you’re thinking through how you’re helping your students write, make sure that in addition to the other elements of great instruction you include, there’s a focus on the writing process as well.”

What other details about the writing process would you include? How do you help students own this process? Share your thoughts with our community!

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