Teaching Strategies: the Research Composition Process

The research process is one of the greatest skills that students can leave high school with a knowledge of. The research process brings about a quenching of personal interest, perhaps a glimpse into global issues, and the formation of individual beliefs.

With that in mind, today’s centerpiece article on TeachHUB.com instructs us how to use teaching strategies to help students plan, edit, compose, and even defend a research paper.

Jordan Catapano, himself an English teacher in the Chicago suburbs, outlines his time-tested research composition steps, which include (and details are included in the article):
  • The Proposal
  • Finding Sources
  • The Outline
  • And More!

Jordan sums up today’s article in this manner: “Let this guide be more of an inspiration or hypothetical example than a strict dissertation on how research ought to be conducted. Consider how you can show students that completing a task of this depth requires a carefully wrought process and thoughtful, systematic commitment. Perhaps begin by first listing your own objectives for your students, and then design a research process that best helps students meet those goals.”

What are your keys for successfully guiding students through the research process? Share your experiences!

How to Get a Teaching Job in Today’s Economy

Times are tough everywhere. Economically speaking, corporations are still laying off skilled workers, and it’s still tough for recent grads to land that lucrative first job.

Even in the education field, once considered somewhat sacrosanct and safe from economic malaise, jobs are hard to come by. School districts are learning to get by with less staffing, and seasoned educators, stung by rough economic times and thinned pensions, are hanging on to their jobs longer than they use to.

So how does someone land a teaching job in this economy?

In an article currently trending strongly on TeachHUB.com, frequent contributor Janelle Cox spells out some ways, including:

  Substitute Teach
  Shine as a Student Teacher
  Get Letters of Recommendation
  And more!

Do you have any tips on how to find a teaching job in today’s economy?