Teaching Strategies to Bring Structure to a Writing Class

Oftentimes when teaching writing, we educators rely on a formulaic technique to dispense our knowledge of writing structure. We stick to a strict format when instructing kids, one that looks like:

Body Paragraph 1
Body Paragraph 2
Body Paragraph 3

Today on TeachHUB.com. frequent contributing writer Jordan Catapano explains out several different formats that writing assignments can take. He introduces his theory like this: “There is not a problem with this structure when teaching writing to students. However, the problem arises when students get older and still strictly adhere to the five-paragraph essay that rigidly conforms to a structure that is suitable for some modes of composition, but not all.

Jordan then goes on to spell out some key ingredients a different writing assignment formula might take, and discusses their structures too. It’s an enlightening piece, one which will enliven your English composition classes immensely.

Jordan’s closing paragraph goes like this “When teaching students various structures of writing, always include models for them to effectively understand and imitate the organizational concept you want them to embrace.”

How do you teach writing structures to your students? Tell us the structures and teaching techniques!

Top 10 Holiday Learning Activities

With the holiday season already upon us, many teachers might be searching for appropriate classroom holiday activities – festive, fun things to do with one for firmly planted in learning.

Here are some ideas to enhance the celebratory atmosphere in your room this year. To get the complete idea of what each of thee entails, simply follow the ink below!

    Explore the Many December Holidays
    Research Holiday Traditions
    Write Your Own Holiday Story

What are your favorite holiday and winter activities you use in your classroom?

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