Technology in the Classroom: Strategies to Help Stay Current

Assisting teachers who use technology in the classroom is one of the primary goals of Whether it’s app reviews, lesson plans that extol the virtues of technology in the classroom or just think pieces getting educators to think outside the box with regards to using technology in the classroom, we’re all about getting them on board technologically.

But how does a busy educator stay on top of these trends? If you blink, you miss the next best thing!

With that in mind, today on, frequent (and TeachHUB Magazine) contributing writer Janelle Cox takes a look at ways that educators can keep up the trends in technology in the classroom and how teachers can stay abreast of the latest developments.

Janelle’s ideas include:

  • Figure Out What You Need
  • Use Social Media
  • And More!

Janelle sums up her article thusly: “Integrating educational technology in the classroom takes a lot of planning, work, and patience. Given the tools available and the tools that will become available, an effective classroom where all students are learning at their highest level is within our reach. Your goal is to keep up with the times, and create objectives that work for you and your students. The tech tools that you use in your classroom today will only enhance your students learning for tomorrow. You are positioning your students to be able to live in a world of technology, and that will only help them be more of a success.”

How do you stay current with all of the new digital tools that seem to arise each week? Do you have any strategies or suggestions for us? Please share your tips!

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