Technology in the Classroom: Touchable Earth App Review

Touchable Earth makes exploring the Earth interactive and fun.
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Classroom Games that Incorporate Spelling

Spelling tests are almost universally despised by students, and there are doubts about the educational longevity of what students retain after the test is administered -- many teachers contend that students forget how to spell the words soon after the test is over.

But with a little creativity – in the form of classroom games – educators can overcome the mundane nature of the time-honored spelling test.

Today, frequent contributor Janelle Cox introduces some classroom games involving spelling that are designed to engage as well as educate your students, including:

  • Spelling Word Relay
  • Sink and Spell
  • Spelling Boom!
  • And more!

Remember, classroom games are fun, beneficial for students and give  them something to look forward to. Employ them as often as you can!

What spelling games do you play in your classroom? Do you have fun ideas that you would like to share?

Get a Teaching Job: Cover Letter Tips

When you’re seeking that new (or first) teaching position, you can never underestimate the power of the cover letter.

Recently we outlined several surefire cover letter tips that could possibly land you a teaching job, including:

  • Keep your cover letter on target
  • Keep your tone conversational
  • And more!

What cover letter tips have we missed? Do you have any surefire tips?

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