Technology in the Classroom: Websites to Explain Elections

In this contentious election year, we are inundated 24/7 with information about the presidential election – so much so that it can be overwhelming to the uninitiated, like younger people, including our students.

Lucky for us civics-minded educators, there are tons of websites out there to chose from. But how do you find the best ones?

Today on, frequent contributing writer Jacqui Murray, who is a veteran technology teacher based in Northern California, takes a look at the best websites that can explain the election cycle in down-to-Earth terms perfect for young people.

Jacqui’s best-in-class sites include:

Cast Your Vote
And More!
Jacqui sums up her article thusly: “Best classroom strategy: Post all eight of these resources on an election-themed page for students. Let them pick the ones best-suited to their learning style.”

How to Motivate Students: Positive Choices

Lately, we’ve been exploring how to motivate students through a variety of ways, and today, we look at how to motivate students by crafting effective choices.

Before we help kids make the best choices, however, we must learn to ask some questions of ourselves. Janelle Cox, a seasoned elementary school teacher based in Upstate New York, walks us through those pertinent questions, including:

How will students complete their task?
When will students need to complete the task by?
Who Will Students work with?
And More!

Janelle’s article ends like this: “In short, giving students a choice in their education can create a positive effect on student motivation. Crafting well-designed choices that give students the opportunity to have a voice and choice can lead to a successful lesson.”

What kinds of choices do you think make a positive impact on student motivation? Please share your thoughts, we would love to hear them.