Technology in the classroom: What are Good Tech Goals?

Getting teachers to use technology in the classroom to its optimal ability is one of our goals at and TeachHUB Magazine. We’re constantly reviewing new appsclassroom games, and other ways that technology can be used to make school a better and more-interesting place.

So with that in mind, today we turn to Jacqui Murray, a frequent contributor and a tech teacher in Northern California, who enlightens us on seven authentic technology in the classroom goals that are scalable to your needs and can be spiraled up or down as required.

Jacqui’s goals today include:
  • Student demonstrates use of tech tools outside of class
  • Student can transfer knowledge of technology from tech class to other classes and home
  • Student is a good digital citizen
  • Student demonstrates the ability to solve the most common tech problems
  • And More!

In summation, Jacqui notes, “All seven of these goals are measurable by anecdotal observation and daily accountability. Expected learning outcomes revolve around success in the grade-level curriculum rather than anything with the words “Technology,” “IT,” or “Digital.” You will know students have reached their goals because they will excel in all related academic areas.”

Technology in the Classroom: Best-Kept Teaching Secrets

The key to successfully teaching technology in the classroom is to instruct kids to help themselves. By empowering them to become problem-solvers and risk-takers, we’ll also be encouraging them to learn how to troubleshoot technological issues.

Today, we also examine seven ways that educators can make tech learning fun and easy for students, including:

    Make Tech Authentic
    Let Neighbors Help Neighbors
    Teach Students Keyboard Shortcuts
    And More!

How do you make technology fun for students?