Technology in the Classroom: What Pokemon Go Means

If you’ve been wondering what that pack of pre-teens hovering near your mailbox staring at their phones is doing for the past few weeks, the answer is Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is the most successful app in history. In short, once you log in and start playing, your objective is to capture Pokemon monsters that are loose in the wild (well, your nieghborbood) and train them in an ongoing battle against other Pokemon monsters.

There are many educational aspects of this game that can be leveragedand today on, frequent contributing writer Jordan Catapano, who is a high school English teacher based in the Chicago suburbs, takes a look at augmented reality, the type of game category that Pokemon Go falls into, and how it might affect our teaching moving into the near future.

Including a summary of what Pokemon Go is, today Jordan includes segments on augmented reality in education, what to teach about augmented reality, and appropriate uses for appropriate times, among other segments.

Encouraging us to catch on, Jordan notes, “Augmented reality is not going away. Rather, like all disruptive technologies, it will continue to impact the way we learn and interact in our environment. As teachers, it’s essential that we understand what augmented reality is, how it can be used in education, and how we can equip our students to engage in a world where such a technology plays a role.”

Jordan sums up today’s article in this manner: “Hopefully you’ll take a crack at playing Pokemon Go sometime soon. It’s fun, and definitely something you can relate to your students! More importantly, plan on using this new app for opening up important discussions with your students about how to use augmented reality in a way that is both safe and advantageous.”

Have you used augmented reality in your classroom? What do you do to help students to make the most of this exciting tool?