Top 12 Super Bowl Classroom Activities

With America’s favorite pasttime’s pinnacle achievement quickly approaching (no, not the Iowa Caucauses), today on, we published a pounding paean to the Super Bowl, that gridiron classic that’s coming to a party near you on Sunday, Feb. 7.

Teachers across America will be scratching their helmeted heads and searching for that perfect football-themed classroom activity this week, and so we decided to give you a few ideas.

Our Super Bowl classroom activities include:

  • Hometown history, geography
  • Football measurements
  • Halftime tribute brainstorm
  • And more!

How do you use Super Bowl excitement to inspire learning?

Classroom Management: How to Design a Useful Job System

Elsewhere on today, frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox, herself a seasoned educator in Upstate New York, instructs instructors on how to design and implement a classroom job system using classroom management skills.

Jobs within a classroom teach responsibility, and can also help you out a lot as well! Some good jobs for kids within your class include:

  • ·       Recycler – puts recyclable items in the recycling bin.
  • ·       Pledge Starter – starts the Pledge of Allegiance each morning.
  • ·       Center Monitor – makes sure materials are at the centers.
  • ·       Janitor – sweeps up the floor.
  • ·       Green Thumb – make sure the plants are watered.
  • ·       Door Monitor – opens and shuts the classroom door.

Janelle concludes her piece with a paragraph entitled, “Maintain Your System”: “If you want your classroom to run smoothly then you must maintain your system. Do not falter and allow a student to pass out papers if they are not the paper passer. It’s best to switch out jobs each month or have students apply for new jobs. This way every student gets a chance at the job they are interested in trying.”

Do you have an effective job system in your classroom? How does it work for you?