Understanding the Every Student Succeeds Act

Government reforms have long been a part of the educational atmosphere, and it continues to this day. Back in December, 2015, President Obama signed into law the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which effectively ends the controversial No Child Left Behind act.

Even Obama foes like Paul Ryan, Speaker of House, noted, “This is the biggest rewrite of our education laws in 25 years.” So the bill’s importance cannot be underestimated.

As school districts begin to dissect the ESSA, today on TeachHUB.com, frequent contributing writer Jordan Catapano, himself a seasoned English teacher based in Chicago, takes an in-depth look at ESSA. His article today includes:

  • What’s In the Bill
  • How ESSA Affects Us And Our Students
  • And More!

Jordan sums up his article thusly: “As teachers, we can anticipate further changes over the next few years as states tinker with how best to adopt the standards and testing measures they find most suitable. And –naturally – once we have everything figured out, it will likely change again. “

What do you think about the Every Student Succeeds Act? Share your observations with our community!

Classroom Management: 10 At-School Vacation Ideas

With most of the U.S. under perpetual subarctic conditions right now, lots of kids and teachers alike are getting a dash of cabin fever – impatience is at an all-time high, noise levels break decibel records, and the blanket of cold darkness is making everyone feel fatigued and ornery.

So why not take a vacation? Haha you think, it’s not easy for a busy teacher to get away and book a last-minute trip to paradise, much less think about preparing detailed, eleventh-hour lesson plans for a substitute.

Well with a little creativity, you can bring the white sand to your whiteboard: Today on TeachHUB.com, frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox explains how to use your classroom management skills to beat the seasonal blahs. Janelle’s ideas include:

    Plan a Fun Day Indoors
    Visit a Museum
    Travel in Time
    And More!

Remember, you’re not the only one affected by this miasma of cold weather – your schoolchildren are feeling its ill affects too. Plan accordingly, and your students will thank you. And in the meantime, think spring!