3 Advantages of My Nursing School

Finding the right nursing school to make my nursing career possible wasn’t an easy task. Here are three advantages that helped me choose my nursing school.

Nursing is one of the most rewarding and challenging careers and it brings joy to my heart. We take care of people who are at their most vulnerable and provide support for our patients’ families during trying times.

I chose to become a nurse because I wanted to do more for my patients. I recently graduated from the LPN program at Herzing University and I am now continuing my education in Herzing’s RN to BSN program. My plan is to eventually obtain my MSN and become a nurse educator.

Finding the right nursing school to make all of this possible wasn’t an easy task. I remember being frustrated when researching schools in my area. There were long waiting lists, expiration dates for prerequisite classes, not enough instructors to accommodate nursing student demand, inflexible schedules for the working student and extremely competitive GPA and test score requirements. I felt that it was easy for students – many of whom had the potential to become great nurses – to be turned away from these programs or to become discouraged while applying. I knew what I wanted in a nursing program and I was determined not to give up. I eventually found what I was looking for at Herzing University. Here are three advantages to Herzing’s nursing program:

1. Multiple nursing pathways

I wanted a school that would make it easy for me to advance my nursing degree if I chose to do so. Herzing's LPN program allows students the opportunity to seamlessly continue their education in the ASN and BSN programs. Even if you did not complete an LPN program at Herzing, you can still receive credit for your prior learning. This allows students to accelerate their nursing education and earn their degrees faster.

2. Flexibility and student support

I was looking for a program that offered online classes, a supportive faculty and small class sizes. I found these advantages at Herzing. The eight-week course terms and online classes offered the flexibility I needed to earn my degree, and these factors continue to make it possible for me to balance my nursing career and my educational goals. The small class sizes have allowed me to build relationships with my instructors and I have felt supported every step of the way throughout my nursing journey.

3. Fast track to MSN

Another awesome advantage of Herzing’s nursing program is the opportunity to earn credit toward your MSN while you are enrolled in the bachelor’s degree program. Even if you aren't sure if you want a MSN, I highly recommend this route because the tuition rate is the same and you do not have to add any extra classes to your course load. It is a great way to get ahead and save money on your education.

My advice for other students is to really think about what you want from a nursing program, and don’t settle for less! With the right school, it is possible for you to achieve your dream of becoming a nurse.