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3 Steps to an Effective Interview

Job interviews can be overwhelming, but with adequate preparation, they don’t have to be! Here are three steps to help you plan for a successful interview.

Job interviews can be overwhelming, but with adequate preparation, they don’t have to be! The interview process can be your opportunity to impress potential employers and convince them of why you’re the best candidate for the role.

Having worked in higher education for over 10 years, I’ve had countless conversations with students, graduates and employers regarding their interview experiences, and they shared with me these three valuable steps you can take to prepare for and execute a successful interview:

1. Do your research

Research is an important part of interview preparation because employers are most interested in candidates who demonstrate a clear understanding of the organization and its reasons for success. Based on your answers and questions, interviewers can quickly figure out if you’ve done any research. Make sure you review the website to become familiar with the company’s mission, values and recent accomplishments, and how your role helps the company meet its goals.

2. Establish a rapport

Building connections with the people who interview you can go a long way in helping you leave a lasting impression. Establishing a rapport also affects the dynamics of the interview and can help create a more comfortable atmosphere. While you should always maintain a professional demeanor, some candidates have found success in sharing aspects of their personal lives such as hobbies. Showing your personality can create a connection with your potential employer, which can improve your chances of getting hired! Plus, putting your personality on display can help your interviewer determine how well you fit in with the company culture.

3. Speak and act with confidence

You know you’re the right fit for the job, but is it coming off that way during the interview? Answering interview questions with confidence is important. Body language is a key part of exuding confidence – make sure you’re maintaining eye contact and proper posture, and speaking with a strong voice to leave a positive, lasting impression. While you’ll be doing most of the talking, it’s a good idea to ask employers questions about what your day-to-day responsibilities would look like, what opportunities are available for professional growth, what characteristics they look for in employees and more. Asking these questions can help indicate your genuine interest, help you learn more and show that you’ve put significant thought into the role and the company.

Although there are many aspects that contribute to a successful interview, conducting the proper research beforehand, establishing connections with your interviewer and speaking with confidence can help you stand out among other candidates. If you need help preparing for an upcoming interview, Herzing University’s Career Services team is happy to assist with interview prep, resume development, company research and more to help you grow your career.

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