Demonstration method

The word demonstration means to give a demo or to perform the activity. In demonstration method, the teacher teaches his students using demonstration method in a systematic and a step by step process. Demonstration method is practical ways of teaching; in this method teacher perform an activity to teach his student a concept, this often occurred when students find it difficult to connect theories to actual practice and when students are unable to understand the theories and its applications.
demonstration is a teaching method used to communicate an idea with the aid of visuals such as flip charts, posters, power point, etc. A demonstration is the process of teaching someone how to make or do something in a step-by-step process. As you show how, you “tell” what you are doing”.
To achieve success in demonstration method the teacher need to do three things which are necessary for this method.
·         The object displayed for demonstration should visible to all students
·         The demonstrator should use clear language and step by step procedure so the students understand the concept of demonstration easily.
·         The pupils should be given the chance to ask question from teachers to clear their concept and difficulties about the topic.
Characteristic of demonstration method
·         The demonstration should be done in a step by step and simple way
·         In demonstration method , attention should be given to all students
·         The aims and goals should be clearly stated and any objections related to  demonstration as well
·         A well-planned strategy should be devise for demonstration
Steps needed for Demonstration method
Planning and preparation or How to Conduct Demonstration
Demonstration method needs proper planning for effective demonstration. Keep the following points in mind before given demonstration to students.
  • Comprehensive preparation of the subject matter by the teacher
  • Advance lesson planning before demonstration

·         Plan demonstrations of the correct length to do the job on time
·         Make sure that materials, tools, Sheets, and other required items for demonstration at hand and properly arranged
·         Explain the objectives of the demonstration and develop interest in students
·         Tell students the important points to look for in the demonstration
·         Explain the new terms and parts of the demonstration
·         Supplement the demonstration with visual aids whenever possible
·         Make sure that students can see the object of demonstration and hear clearly
·         During demonstration the teacher should face students and talk to them
·         Form connections with previous and future lessons if possible
·         Perform the demonstration at correct pace for clear understanding
·         Perform all operations skillfully and in proper sequence
·         Refrain from holding up the progress of the whole group for a few who may not understand.
·         Ask questions during demonstrations to check: understanding of the students
·         Encourage students to ask: questions during the demonstration if it does not interfere with the sequence of the demonstration
·         Stress on safety rules and precautions for students
·         Select students to aid with demonstrations when feasible
·          Summarize key points of the demonstration to students
·         Check the performance of each student after the demonstration by asking questions
·         Disseminate Job Operation Sheets at appropriate time
  • Arrange and collect material related to the topic of demonstration
  • Rehearsal by demonstrator

 Introducing the lesson
Introduction of the topic is very necessary, the teacher should make the Introduction interesting to motivate students and prepare them mentally for the demonstration.
While introducing the lesson to students the teacher should keep in mind the following factors.
  • Environment of the classroom
  • individual differences of students
  • Experiences of the students
·         The teacher can start the lesson with an experiment to make it interesting for the students
·         The teacher can start the lesson with a common event or a story
·         The experiment should be able to grab the attention of students
 Presentation of subject matter
·         In demonstration method the presentation of subject matter is very important
·         In demonstration method the principle of reflecting thinking should be kept in mind.
·         In demonstration method The teacher should relate the current topic  to the previous knowledge of the students
The performance of the teacher in the demonstration should be ideal and interesting for the student.
·         The demonstration should be neat and clean and visible to all students
Teaching Aids
The teacher can also use different teaching aids like graphs, models, blackboard during demonstration.
·         The evaluation is the most important step of the demonstration, in this step teacher evaluate the result of his demonstration and get feedback from the students

Merits of demonstration method
·         Demonstration method helps students to understand the topic easily
·         Demonstration method helps students in teaching learning process and keep them active
·         Demonstration method leads to concrete  learning
·         Demonstration method use the principles of reflective thinking
·         Demonstration method helps to motivate students in teaching learning process
·         Demonstration method arouses the spirit of discovery in students
·         Demonstration method imparts maximum knowledge to students
Demerits of demonstration method
·         Students are not involved in practice therefore they cannot benefit directly and gain personal experiences because teacher carry out the demonstration
·         Demonstration method is costly because it requires costly materials
·         Demonstration method is time-consuming method
·         Demonstration method is not based on learning by doing but rather by seeing
·         Demonstration method does not provide training for the scientific method
·         Demonstration method lack of experienced teachers to carry out the demonstration
It is the suitable method for teaching at the secondary classes. Teacher can ask students to complete the task on time and for the topic where he can’t use Demonstration method, he can use other methods to explain the concept. The can ask a group of Students to demonstrate the experiment.