FLLinNZer visit 24 March 2006

It was great to have a 3005/2006 Flexible Learning Leader in New Zealand visit on 24 March. Cathy Gunn from Auckland university spent an afternoon with several of us from Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin College of Education and the University of Otago. We gathered at HEDC at University of Otago.

We were a small group of seven, gathered to share our enthusiasm about flexible learning. Cathy facilitated the session really well, making sure she found out what we wanted to share with the group right from the start.

My interest was in how people found working on collaborative projects, and I made the point that there were two groups of people when the ECDF funding was announced by TEC. Those who were already working together collaboratively e.g. Jenny, Dawn and I at UoE, DCE and OP, and those who scurried together into consortia so they could get the funding.

My question was why everyone was reinventing the wheel instead of working together, for example on flexible learning and eLearning strategies.

The afternoon included a mix of show and tell - essay writing information literacy module, Cathy's online assessment module, Leigh's open networking sites. There was lots of discussion and the time flew by very quickly. we had a good talk about the pros and cons of SCORM, and Jenny explained about the pitfalls they had discovered on the information literacy project. SCORM actually inhibits reusability features by imposing stringent standards. I should have recorded what she said because its feeling vague right now.