Free sample salary increase (Raise) Letter

 key word; Salary increase Increment letter,Request for salary increment

To,                                                                                                       Date 17-02-2020
Vice Chancellor/Principal
City name

Subject: Revision of Pay in r/o of completion of my probation time as teacher/ Pay in r/ Assistant Professor
Before I probe in to the core purpose of my application, I would like to express my full confidence in the benefits system followed at University/College name. I have absolutely no doubt on the University/College name Administration desire to establish a fair environment for all staff by adequately compensating them. This is just one of the many reasons I am able to write such letter. I will like to draw your attention that my current salary is not compatible with the established standards for my qualification and completion of my probation time. I am currently drawing Rs.70000.00
I don’t like to compare myself with my peers as each person has their own strengths, weaknesses and overall contribution. Having said so, I can’t help but notice that my pay is still less than compare to how much hard work I am doing.
I am not asking for an increment in this letter. I am merely expressing my wish to be compensated in a similar way to other people and as promised at the time of my employment that my salary package will be revised at the end of completion of my probation time.. Please do not consider my application as a demand. I like to share my concerns with the administration in an open and honest way and I expect them to express their opinions about my work in the same fashion.
I request your honor to revise my package adequately. I am a hard working person and willing to give as much as needed to prosper in this respected organization and wish for my dedication to be acknowledged.

Thank you.