Ideas for Dunedin International Computer Mediated Social Networking Conference

I am really interested in contributing to a paper for the Dunedin International Computer Mediated Social Networking Conference in June with Leigh Blackall and Sarah Stewart. It is a great idea to base it on the Facilitating eLearning Communities course.

I have read Leigh and Sarah's posts and ideas and have come up with some thoughts for a paper for this conference. Looking at the list of people in the conference programme committee, and the place where papers will be published - this looks like a very computer science-focussed conference. For example, papers will be published in the "Springer-Verlag in the LNCS/LNAI series" - I found this for the Springer LNCS series.
So what will this audience be interested in? In the introductory blurb they mention Social Network Systems (SNS) and have provided a list of questions they want answered. I have added them to the wiki for consideration and discussion as well.

I believe we could answer the following Q from an educational point of view: The other Qs don not seem relevant to the online communities course experience - correct me if I am wrong.
  • How can various Web 2.0 tools be integrated to satisfy the needs of electronic communities in a holistic manner?
Are we preparing a case study as an example of what happened? This could be done from the perspective of whoever in the Facilitating elearning community collaborates to write the paper - that way permission will not be a problem - their were insufficient evaluations and we were not asking the right Qs to get any useful info for the paper.

Perhaps if we describe how we tried to integrate the various web 2.0 tools with the aim of developing an online community and modelling different communities - we can also include the issues which cropped up. Our perspective of how the community developed and what facilitation was needed to assist this. we do not have enough data or time to do a proper evaluation of participants to get it from their perspective unless they contribute to the paper.

This would enable a discussion of how we used blogs and wikis and email, SL etc to communicate and present the course content - The set up and maintenance of the Facilitating Online Learning Communities course. we can also bring in the class experiences (Experiences of the participants and examples of how their new learning is being used in their work - if they are contributors) and include the different types of web 2.0 communities to which we exposed them and discuss how the sense of community developed in the course. (Outstanding issues and considerations arising from the course.)

I do not think we will have time to include teacher/facilitator issues or the rest of the items suggested by Leigh (italicised above) - these might have to be addressed in another paper.
  1. Further work we will do in developing education generally at Otago Polytechnic using socially networked media and communications.
  2. Frank and honest discussion on the probable and existing issues with this vision and Otago Polytechnic
Re the presentation on the day, I think it would be of more value to beam in or play some course participant comments about how they thought the web 2.0 integration thing went, rather than comments from the 10 min lecture series presenters as this should really be about the experiences of the course facilitators and participants if this is a case study that is.