initial planning FLLinNZ third round

Our planning session for the Flexible Learning leaders in New Zealand planning meeting all the 1st and 2nd round FLLinNZers gathered at Wiapuna Hotel at Mt Wellington, Auckland. We started with a warmup and a discussion of what we are expecting from the third round of funding and any issues. The facilitator presented on the situation in Australia.
Main points were:
  • competency-based apprenticeships
  • qualifications recognised across Aus
  • maximum flexibility in system - impacts on quality
  • grow private training orgs with effective competition
  • school-based apprenticeships
  • RPL - want to improve uptake
  • industry wants to control knowledge base - web 2 does not fit
  • training providers not keeping pace with rapid technological change - important
  • costs, flexibility and access
  • need training to meet needs of lifelong learners - skills shortages, shiftworkers, contractors, mature learners, just-in-time and to suit learners
  • need to build capability - respond to physical and online environment
    changing role of education and training
key activity: who can we connect with to make the most influence?
often fail to equip people with skills to be able to problem solve and think forthemselves.
Pedagogical shifts
  • more of the following:
  • distributed networks
  • social networking
  • blended and flexible models
  • facilitation driving pedagogy not instruction
  • innovation
  • market changes e.g. full employment
  • Less occurrence of the teacher teaching many.
Examples: Motor Traders Association - mp3 audio files used in training to capture their interest
Caryl Oliver - mlearning - there is a recording of an interview with Caryl.
Manager of 2020: multigenerations, longer later, more teams, flexible working, performance emphasised, innovation
Overview of pressures on the NZ tertiary education sector can be seen on the concept map (to be loaded).

Facilitator talked about Australian Flexible Framework and how we could have links with Australian projects. Learnscope and Knowledge tree online journal. eLearning networks project is running a September Online Event: Tapping into Resources for E-learning 6 - 8 September 2006