learning to send images to blogger from my mobile

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I just joined the mobimooc google group to undertake an open course about mobile learning. These are the two photos I sent via email on my phone - my provider does not support SMS posting. I am going to try connecting my posts on my blog with the Google group - that should be interesting - to save me having to post in two places.

Now I have finally set up my cell phone contacts with email addresses for blogger, flickr and youtube so I can send photos directly to these accounts. Next I will connect with twitter and facebook so I am truly mobile. Although it took me a bit of time getting set up, it is going to save me so much time in the long phone. I now have my eye on an iphone4, but realistically I should use the Nokia which has basic features which most students have, and will allow me to work to the commonest denominator. 

Really what is the point in having fancy features on my cell phone, while I am learning what is possible, if my students don't have the same capacity on theirs?