Observation Questions and Usability Checklist Eval08

In response to a request by participants in the Evaluation of eLearning Best practice course, I have made some observation questions available. The actual document can be accessed and modified for your own use and is on Google docs - Observation Questions eval08

There is also a Usability Checklist eval08 available. Feel free to modify and use in yur own context.

The observation questions and usability checklist were used in the Online Information Literacy - OIL - evaluation project in 2006 and 2007. I also discovered how to send documents to my blog. Google is so clever.

Observation Date: Time Taken: Observer:
Observation Questions
1. Are there any difficulties in getting the user started?

2. How does the user engage with the module and follow the icons and instructions?

3. If the user gets lost how and why does this happen?

4. What suggestions or comments does the user make about the module?

5. Other observations.