Progress with research project and evaluation of business report module

On Thursday this week - Dawn, Tiffany and I met to discuss how to progress the evaluation and research side of things. This is all set up in a wiki for the project team.
We worked through the research questions and methodology and revamped the questionnaire so it is more generic. The information sheet needs to be modified now to suit the different research approaches we all agreed on in a previous meeting - see overview. we need to get the changes to the college ethics committee by mid-September.

Next meeting Thursday 7 Aug.
This morning M, D and I observed a Business communication class (n=19) using the Business report module. The class was taken by I who has also been developing the module. We used the feedback sheet from the OIL website (with some slight changes) and got them to fill it out in class which worked really well. It took an average of 30-40 min to work through. Most of them worked through from start to finish.

We also got them to work in pairs and tell each other what they liked and didn't like, and how they thought the module would be useful for their business report assignment. We got them to write some key things on the whiteboard around these items. They all engaged with the module and we now have several questionnaires to analyse and some potential participants for the research project. In October, after the business report assignments are handed in, we will return to talk to the class and find out whether or how they used the module to write their reports.