Pros and cons of assessing online discussions

It was a privilege to be able to run a 40 minute session as part of the Staff Development day at Otago Polytechnic on Thursday 5 February. The title of my presentation - Pros and cons of assessing online discussions - attracted 19 hardy souls, most of whom are already using online strategies for their teaching as well as some who are venturing into the area. It was excellent to hear what sort of online discussions people were using and how they were assessing; not all were and some were in the early stages of planning their approach.
I have uploaded audio with the presentation on Myplick - Pros and cons of assessing online discussions - so people can have another listen and review the session, and also so people who could not make the session, can get catch some of the debate around the area of assessing online discussions. Extra resources and references for the session can be found on the Flexible learning wiki page. Feel free to add other material you find on the topic which you would like to share.

In my next post, I will write about my beliefs and experiences, but firstly, people might like to take 20 minutes out to view the presentation to listen to some information about the different viewpoints and examples. There are lots of things to consider before going down the 'rocky road'. It is important to make the right choice for your teaching context and to provide the best option for your students. Otherwise instead of ending up in a rolling green valley where you can lie around feeling happy, you may end up trying to scrabble out of a deep, dark cavern. its not that bad, but in the best interests of your time and the implications on your workload and that of your students, it is best to get it pretty much right first time.