Sharing how I use my mobile device for learning

My response to week 1 questions in MobileMOOC
1.      Share how you use your mobile device now, is there any learning you do at this point?
I take pics of whiteboard work in class - like the one above - and video on my mobile phone - a Nokia, and this week started sending directly to Flickr and Youtube, and also to my blog. It is so easy, and saves all that downloading and uploading. I have added my blog, youtube and Flickr emails addresses to my contacts so it is now quick to do.   I am not sure what the cost will be yet but work pays for it.

I wonder how students feel about the extra costs if asked to use their mobile phones for this sort of thing?

2.      Pick one of the following mLearning tools: qr-codes, pictures taken via mobile device, movies via mobile device, ... and show us how you would use it for learning via either a descriptive picture, movie taken with a mobile device.

I have uploaded pics taken of the whiteboard in the classroom to Flickr - as shown above, and also to my blog - as you can see here. I have also taken a short video on my nokia cellphone and sent it to You tube. I don't fully understand QR codes and will give it a go. Starting with QR planet and Kaywa.