social networking for leadership team

Planning for leadership team
Explain what a blog is and show the an example – terry to talk about his travel blogTalk about the idea of a diary or journal. Gareth Morgan's blog.
Leigh will set up a blog for someone in leadership team. Leigh will have organised Phil & Robin re sending pics to Flickr etc. put them into blog.
Show Tony Heptinstall's blog - students can see what the lecturer is interested in (professional), filtering the Internet. Show lots of examples - Leigh. OP examples - William LucasDave McQuillan, Wendy ritson-jones.
Show example of DFLP blog - migrating from primary focus of Blackboard to primary focus as the blog. Why is this better? Made an executive decision to make blog as the pivotal part of the course.
Blog helped them organise everything they were doing - thoughts, progress, reflection, questions, self-assessment, and make the assessments easier to mark.
Time may be an issue - how can wikis, blogs be more efficient for staff. Information overload. Show them an RSS feed ?
Social networking - definition and philosophy may come later. Culture change – move away from broadcast culture to participatory culture.
Demonstration of how to participate. Google search and Technorati search for blogs.
Harvard Law - taking next step.