sustainable futures in the organisation

One of the most exciting developments at OP is strategic sustainable development. This extends to environmental, energy and education.
There are several strands of sustainable development at the institution:
  • staff development - workshops, awareness
  • operations = wellness, energy saving, transport - hybrid, biofuel, electric, bicycles for staff and students - what to get for staff transport.
  • curriculum - graduate profile working party - EDC support (18 May & 1 June) - email (chris ebert) for link to wiki for grad profile.
  • outreach - (sustainable Otago), design EXPOs - criteria to keep a high standard, sustainable business workshops - want to use own staff - advocacy.
  • students - forums, working party, OPSA, wellness, Gyro article - after checking what students want
  • communications - wait until get funding to promote more of this.
  • funding - contestable funds - business cases, need to see savings and how they are going back to the plan, incentives to bike to work.
Key performance indicators being drafted e.g. staff development, carbon footprint, energy etc
Need to revisit how we communicate what we are doing - blogs, wikis, mailing list. have received funding for environmental challenge project - sustainable home. tertiary organisations working together with community