Switching Your Major Can Be Scary: Here’s Why I Changed Mine

After thinking about what I wanted out of my future career, I decided to change my major.

Choosing to return to school was a big decision for me because I work full-time and take care of my family of three. It was terrifying – I felt like I was taking a considerable leap of faith – but I ultimately decided to pursue my degree so that I could set a positive example for my children. I wanted to show them if I can go back to school after 20-plus years and be successful, they can do it too.

There was also this nagging question in the back of my mind: how far I could go and who I could become if I threw myself into pursuing my degree? I have been passed over for many job opportunities throughout my career simply because I did not have a degree, even though I often had the job experience necessary to be successful.

I began visualizing myself walking across the commencement stage with tears streaming down my face, feeling an immense sense of accomplishment. I’ve learned that if you visualize your dream, it can push you to make it a reality. I decided now was the time and Herzing University was the right place for me!

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I began my academic journey in the business management program. I started exploring different business career paths and comparing them to the tasks I enjoy doing. I decided I wanted to become a project manager because I love taking on projects, organizing tasks and turning a vision into a reality. I flourish working in team environments and managing the dynamics of different personalities.

After thinking about what I wanted out of my future career, I decided to change my major to project management. I felt that a more specialized program would prepare me for the career I really wanted, and it would also help me get ready for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam.

Here are three questions I asked myself before deciding to make the switch:

  • Will all of the credits I have earned so far transfer to my new program?
  • Does this program offer courses that tie in directly with my career goals?
  • Will this program help prepare me for career advancement?

The answer to all of these questions was yes! All of the credits I had earned so far in my business management program were applied towards my project management degree, and I also would be fully prepared for the PMP certification exam. I knew that switching my major lined up with my career goals, and that’s how I knew it was the best decision for me.

Once I graduate, my goal is to obtain my PMP certification and find a position on a project management team. I also plan on pursuing my graduate degree here at Herzing University. My academic journey thus far has been great. I am so happy I made the decision to not only earn a degree, but to find the right one for me.