What Is The Electoral College? - Explainer Videos & Animated Infographics For All Ages

Source: Janet Cordahi

On Tuesday, Americans will elect their next president. While a record 200 million citizens are now registered to vote, a majority do not understand the process for choosing the commander-in-chief. With a little conversation, the seemingly esoteric nature of the Electoral College is actually quite simple to grasp. Regardless, therefore, of the particular vitriol of this year's contest, teachers and students deserve to take a moment this week to learn about our Constitutional republic. A host of helpful explainer videos and animated infographics are available to educate learners of all levels about the Electoral College.

"Electoral College" from Janet Cordahi

 Electoral College from Janet Cordahi on Vimeo.

"How The Electoral College Works" from CGP Grey

"Does Your Vote Count?" from Christina Greer

"How The Electoral College Works In 6 Minutes" from Thought Monkey

"Electoral College" from Schoolhouse Rock

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