Why You Should Work with a Tutor

Seeking a tutor might be helpful if you’re constantly feeling overwhelmed, struggling to keep up, and not seeing results despite your hard work.

It’s normal for students to feel a little stressed from time to time, especially at the start of a new semester. It can be a problem, however, if you’re constantly feeling overwhelmed, struggling to keep up, and not seeing results despite your hard work.

If that sounds like you, then you might benefit from working with a tutor.

Nico Williams, a recent graduate from Herzing’s technology program, found that a little extra support was all he needed to turn his grades around. He said he was reluctant to make his first appointment with a math tutor, but he soon realized that getting help was nothing to be nervous or embarrassed about. After a few sessions, he was already more successful in class.

Wondering if you also would benefit from seeing a tutor? Here are three ways they can help:

1. Brush up on academic or technical skills

Has it been a while since you last wrote an academic paper? Are you new to online learning and struggling to keep up on assignments? A tutor can help you readjust to the academic environment and refresh skills that may have gotten a little rusty since the last time you set foot in a classroom.

Many of Herzing University’s academic coaches have master’s degrees and industry experience in their field. They can assist with complex assignments and provide specialized coaching for a variety of subject matter areas.

2. Offer one-on-one attention and support

It’s not easy to raise your hand in class when you don’t understand something. You might think “I’ll figure it out later on my own,” but you’re only creating more work for yourself and running the risk of falling behind.

One-on-one tutoring sessions allow you to ask the questions you wanted to ask in class. You can take your time reviewing class assignments and feel comfortable knowing that you understand the material and what’s expected of you.

3. Ease your anxiety and stress about your coursework

Don’t waste time by fretting about an assignment you don’t understand, or cramming for an exam you don’t feel ready for. There’s no harm in asking for help, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Making an appointment with your tutor is the best way to cure your anxiety and set yourself up for success.

Whether you’re an on-campus or an online student, getting the help you need is easy and convenient. Tutors are available to see you in person or connect with you over the phone or on Skype.

To find a tutor or to make an appointment, check out the TWC tab at the top of your Blackboard homepage. You can also find specialized tutors for different subject areas by clicking the Academic Coach Info link, located at the top of the page for each of your courses in Blackboard.