Academic Conference 2021

 What is Academic Conference 

An academic conference or symposium is a conference for researchers to present and discuss their work Together with academic journals, conferences provide an important channel for exchange of information between researchers. Conferences are usually composed of various presentations. They tend to be short and concise: with a time span of about 10 to 30 minutes; presentations are usually followed by a discussion_ the work may be bundled in written form as academic papers and published as the conference proceedings. Usually a conference will include keynote speakers. The keynote lecture IS often longer, lasting sometimes up to an hour and a half: particularly if there are several keynote speakers on a panel. In addition to presentations, conferences also feature panel discussions: round tables on various issues: poster sessions and workshops. Some conferences take more interactive formats, such as the participant driven “conference” or various conversational formats. 

Paper Presentations Prospective presenters are usually asked to submit a short abstract of their presentation, which will be reviewed before the presentation is accepted for the meeting. Some disciplines require presenters to submit a paper of about 6—15 pages: which IS peer reviewed by members of the program committee or referees chosen by them. In some disciplines: such as English and other languages, it is common for presenters to read from a prepared script. In other disciplines such as the sciences, presenters usually base their talk around a visual presentation that displays key figures and research results. Conference Papers A large meeting will usually be called a conference, while a smaller is termed a workshop. They might be single track or multiple track whereas the former has only one session at a time: while a multiple track meeting has several parallel sessions with speakers in separate rooms.

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