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When Pen2Print publishing house has realized his vision of a innovative, unconventional publishing concept: in contrast to the restrictive, time-consuming and cost-intensive functioning of conventional publishing houses, his goal was to bring books efficient, fast, straightforward and particularly free of charge for authors on the market.

The innovative procedure of Print-to-Order (PTO) brought many ideal technical requirements and was the perfect basis for Pen2Print’s business model. This new business model was at the time revolutionary in the mostly conservative publishing landscape and was therefore critically recognized. In fact many competitors were sceptical towards the “mechanization” of the book as a cultural asset. The advantage of the most efficient, competitive and environmental friendly production of books was recognized soon. Today “Print to Order” is widely established and contributes considerably to the democratization of the bookmarket.

Hundreds of thousands of academic works are written each year – works of high quality and invaluable scientific value. An unimaginable treasure of academic knowledge which often is not yielded. The same applies for non-fictional and belletristic books. Only one of a thousand books are selected by “classical” publishing houses for their publishing program.

Additionally self publication is expensive and risky – without the professional assistance and a solid distribution network of a publishing house, many works disappear in the highly-competitive market. Authors therefore often end up being saddled with the costs.

Many of these publications are not recognised by potential readers at all. A big loss for so many talented authors, readers and the complete literary cultural scene. 

Pen2Print wants to compete against this drawback: thanks to the efficient, economic PTO-practice we can offer a completely free of charge publication service. Our authors receive a professional guidance without any financial risk. Not only technical wise we bank on innovative ideas.

Meanwhile our publishing group incorporates more than 5 imprints. A staff of more than 20 motivated employees enable authors from all over the world to publish their books completely free of charge in different genres and languages. The internationalisation – particularly in the growing Asian and African market – as well as the further thematic diversification of the Publishing Group will be continued consequently.

Pen2Print is a growing and dynamic business groundbreaking, fast and multi-faceted globally operating motivated creative team and an excellent and personal full-service

Innovation needs courage – that is why we keep on breaking new grounds in the future!

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