Are you a Team player or a solo performer?

Our day-to-day tasks involve activities that may require a team or we can manage the task single-handedly. Everyone has their style of working. In an office or a school or college or any organization, we can find people with different traits. Some like to contribute to a team while some like to keep their heads down and perform the  task

Are you a team player?

A team player is the one who keeps his team above everything. A team player likes to work with like-minded people and contribute to a cause. A team player is generally curious to learn new things and likes to meet new people.

Pros of working in a team

1. Learn new things: Working in a team helps to learn new things. We get to know other people and learn about their interests. We get to learn from other's working styles and learn from their experiences.

2. Collaborate with people: We make many new connections while working in a team. Connections are very important in today's world. We never know who can be helpful and where. So collaborating with people helps to maintain good relationships and contributes in long term.

3. Meet new people: While working in a team we get to know people from different interests. meeting new people helps to make connections and learn about different lifestyles.

4. Contribute to a greater cause: Working in a team helps to work on bigger projects. Individually we cannot manage big projects. Big projects mean we get to learn a lot. We acquire new skills while working in a team.

Cons of working in a team

1. Working under someone: Working in a team means that there will be a leader who is watching us.  We have to follow the commands of the leader and obey whatever he says. Some may not like being ordered or given commands. So for those who like working without pressure, teamwork may be challenging.

2. Others may get appraised: Many times it happens that some work we do in a team and others get appraised for our work. This may get demotivating as the deserving one is not getting an appraisal. So this may also lower one's morale.

3. Less time for oneself: We need to devote much time of our schedule to the team. The schedule gets hectic as we can't spare time for ourselves. Working in a team is a great responsibility because we have to submit our work on time. In this way, our personal growth hinders.

Are you a solo performer?

A solo/individual worker is one who likes to work alone. Collaborating with people is not the cup of tea of individual workers. Solo performers are independent workers and they are most effective when they work by themselves. This does not mean that solo performers are not good team players but they are productive when they are not supervised by anyone.

Pros of working individually

1. Master of our own game: While working individually there is no one to keep a watch on our work. So we can manage our tasks by ourselves. We don't need to follow other's commands. Individual worker can perform of their own will without getting under pressure.

2. Self-growth: Individual performers know their strengths and weaknesses. They are aware of the areas to work on. In this way, through introspection, one can work on self-growth.

3. Time for self: As individual performers don't work under a team, they got time to spare out of their schedule. Taking breaks from their works helps in concentration and relaxation.

Cons of working individually

1. Unaware of other's strengths: Individual workers remain so engrossed in their work that they have not idea about what's going on in the real world. Here they fail in connecting with people and gain knowledge from other's experiences. 

2. Fewer connections: Individual workers like to work alone without the hindrance of others. They generally fail at making long-term connections. Connections are required in times of need.

3. Leadership skills are not so good: Working in a team is not their style. Individual workers are not good team players and they are not good at leading a team. Leadership skills are important to stand out of the box.