Digital Era: Challenges and Opportunities

 Digital Era: Challenges and Opportunities

For a moment, let’s go back to the beginning of the year—those hazy mornings when I loved to get ready for a quirky day at college. There is something in winters that beatifies my day. Coming back to the beginning of this year, it was a door to many opportunities for me. I was about to enter into my final year of graduation. Ideas about higher education or a temporary job visited my mind more than often. All in all, it was going to be a life-changing – rather life-making year for me.

Little did I know that everything was going to change.

Fast forward to March and April; the Covid-19 virus caused a global massacre. Governments worldwide were shaken; the most advanced healthcare facilities could not contain the symptoms, much less control them.

To survive, almost every single individual increased their online presence. For students, it was taking the help of video conferencing applications. For companies, it was investing heavily in IT infrastructure to establish an online working model essentially. For me, this was the beginning of a new era – the virtual Era.

Regardless of whether you were a tech-savvy person or not, you had to comply with it.

Every revolution brings along a set of challenges.

Millions of people lost their jobs instantly, as companies and employers were mainly focusing on cost- cutting. Instead of getting a job done by a team of ten people, a single person could multitask was being preferred. I had to throw all the plans that I had and work rigorously to make myself “digitally relevant.”

One single challenge that I think is out-there (everyone faces it) yet ignored is digital communication. I would go to an extent and say that I find people getting so involved in typing on their screens that they forget that it would impact the receiver. The receiver is still a human being with compulsions, feelings, and a sense of dignity.

Nevertheless, this whole situation compelled me to sit down and go through the Digital Era basics. The coming time is golden for website designers, content creators, social media managers, product designers, and data scientists. Freelancing has got a massive benefit from the whole situation.

Every era has its challenges, and every challenge is an opportunity in itself.

So far, it has worked this way for me, and I am confident to carry this approach further. As I said, I did plan a lot of things for myself. Still, eventually, I ended up doing nothing I decided and everything that needed the hour. It was a life-changing year, not only for me but for the entire world. And from where I can see, if you have made it so far, you are doing well. Did it “make my life” – I still don’t know. Did it teach me loads of new stuff – absolutely yes!