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 Komarapalayam: Sahaj Sabharwal, a 1st Year student of Aeronautical Engineering of Excel Engineering College who is a published author, a public speaker and now a fully established poet has won international laurels for his creative work Stay Cool’ published by Write-to-Unite Publishing House from Peterborough, U.K.

Sahaj has been picked up from a select group of teenagers and adults who spared no efforts to spread positivity and enthuse the masses during the spells of recurring lockdowns in connection with the Covid19 pandemic. As are waiting for the first prints of ‘Stay Cool’ to hit the stands, his published copies of poems titled ‘Poems by Sahaj Sabharwal’ have reached the hands of the young and old as e-book as well as in paperback and his new book titled 'Pedagogical Thoughts Made Facts'  will be released worldwide in paper back and e-book with a hope to become the youngest best selling author with that book. The content will be based on motivational, social and inspirational thoughts, poems, quotes, articles and stories in one book for awareness among people regarding social issues and positive mindset.

‘The Children’s Magazine’ showered encomiums on Sahaj for his heart-touching story ‘Bampu and the Bear’ along with the article ‘Save Wildlife’ which won him the 4th Prize in both the categories. 

Sahaj Sabharwal, from Jammu city, J&K, India, who began to write poems at a tender age, won the 1st Prize for the on-the-spot Poem Writing Competition conducted by the English Literary Association of Excel Engineering College which was based on the topic ‘TEENAGE’. His nurtured talent later paved the way for his being unanimously elected as the Treasurer of the ELA.

Sahaj is a co-author of more than 20 Anthologies to which he contributed a lion’s share. Not long ago he even wrote a poem for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which made his poetic talent appreciated from various quarters. With his facebook and YouTube speeches harping on the themes of positivity and creativity, Sahaj has been recognized as a ‘Corona Warrior’, and the Principal of EEC openly acknowledged him as a prodigy who made the Institution proud of the opportunities it provided. The Hon’ble Chairman of the Excel Group Institutions, Prof. Dr. A. K. Natesan, conferred the title ‘The Student of the Year’ upon Sahaj Sabharwal.

The young Mr. Sabharwal not only applied his mind to Aeronautical Engineering, but instead to the social cause through his Research Project titled “Respirators other than Surgical Masks being the Preventive Measure against the Corona virus”.

Sahaj’s Professors, Literary Association Coordinators and classmates see in him a future hope for the nation and the world at large to give it a new hope and a new orientation. Excel Engineering College goes all the way to promote the all-round development of all its students. The Vice Chairman, Dr. Mathan Karthik, MBBS, MHSc, announced the opening of all the avenues for Sahaj’s climbing the highest peaks of excellence in all spheres.

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