Google Garage for students.

Google Garage for students

Google Garage may be your first step to learn and enhance your digital skills.

      Google Garage is a online not for-profit organisation created by google for students and enthusiastic learners across the internet for gaining or refreshing their digital skills and to kick start your professional life by teaching you fundamental courses for free.

Google Garage partnered with other organisations provides you courses on various platforms such as coursera, udacity, edx etc, it helps us to get in the fundamentals of a skill so we can feel confident about stuff we need to know before entering a particular industry.

Students can make us of google garage to learn digital marketing, coding, business growth strategies; social media brand development; etc. Google garage helps identify various opportunities through their student programs and internships.

A link google garage is shared below with links to it's other student programs.

Google Garage Home Page.

Google Garage' tools

Google for students.

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