Importance of English

Our primary source of communication is through languages, therefore it becomes very necessary to learn and understand a particular language so that we can convey our message to the other person. This doesn't mean that we have to learn all the languages in the world but for convenience, English has been recognized as the third most widely spoken language. There are thousands of languages spoken worldwide and every country have their own native language which is used most often. Hindi is the native language of our country. In our country, we also have the native languages of states in India. When we visit some other state, Hindi is a common language that everyone knows and the communication goes fluently. Likewise, the English language can be used to communicate with others if we travel worldwide.

Reasons Why English is important to understand

1. Most of the academics are in English

In today's world, every parent wants their child to study in English medium school. We know that nowadays all books are in the English language and children are taught English from kindergarten. The curriculum is set in the English language and emphasis is laid on communicating in English. 

2. For College students, getting a job becomes easier

English becomes important when it comes to college students. Most of the company placements and interviews are in the English language. The exams we give are also taken in the English language. If any student wishes to apply for companies outside their country then English becomes the most important thing. Through the English language only they will be able to communicate with the officials.

3. Traveling worldwide goes easy

You go some country and there you get stuck somewhere then English would come in handy. In most cases, the other person you would be talking to would know English. So in this way learning many languages are not a barrier. With the English language, your travel can go easier.

4. English is the language of the Internet

While surfing the internet 99% of the content is in English. For browsing the Internet English becomes important so that we can understand articles, online books, songs, etc. In fact, the world's largest tech companies are based in English-speaking countries.

5. Hollywood movies and web series

You are missing out a lot if you don't watch Hollywood series and movies just because you don't know English. An enormous amount of TV shows and popular songs are written in English. If you speak English then you don't need to rely on captions or subtitles to enjoy your favorite movies and series.

6. Understanding multiple cultures worldwide

With the help of English, you can access a variety of cultures in this world. We can meet people in different parts of the world and understand their culture. Through this, we can get a huge experience and grow as a person, inculcate moral values and habits. Learning English also leads to the self-development of an individual