Is the third wave closer?

 Is the third wave closer?

 Are we gearing up for the third wave?

What should we call it? Lack of civilized attitude or callous behavior? Undoubtedly, Indians are  brazing for the third wave of Covid attack which has so far claimed more than 4 lakh Indians, devastating several households.

While the country is not completely recovered from the second wave of Covid and the delta variant is making their impact stronger, people are out on the streets, malls, markets, enjoying holidays, going on hill stations and neglecting all the covid protocols. Can’t we stop this or at least reduce the impact of the impending third wave?

When the first wave hit the country in early 2020, No one was prepared at that time and all of us were unaware of this covid thing. Even healthcare systems were not tuned properly to face the pandemic, but today after more than one and half year we are better prepared and if we and government truly wants then we can completely control this, as different vaccines are also available.

Government is fully geared to vaccinate people. But still, we are losing several thousand precious lives every day, both accounted and unaccounted for, why?

What's the real cause behind this? Vaccine hesitancy, lack of availability of vaccines in several government-run health care centers, over-charges on vaccines in private hospitals, lack of knowledge about the importance of immunization among rural folks and several misgivings are going viral on  social media platforms about vaccines, all put together, making the efforts by the government and non-government entities to reduce the casualty, a mere formality.

As due to this worst situation of Pandemic, many people have lost their jobs, the government should take the onus of immunizing every single Indian free and no private hospital should be allowed to charge anything for giving a shot. And in order to encourage corporate hospitals to participate in the mass immunization campaign, suitable subsidies should be given to them. Will that happen?

Also the pharmaceutical companies which have the formula and hold the license of producing the vaccines should share the formula to the other big companies of India so that the production can be increased and then there will be no shortage of vaccines. It’s time to save humanity from the pandemic in a humanized approach, not to take advantage and improve their balance sheets.

Only the lockdown after time intervals is not the solution. There should be strict lockdown in every state for some months and during this the vaccination programme should be on the peak. There should be 24 hours non-stop vaccination going on and government should make sure that each and every individual is getting vaccine at their homes also just like Polio drops and only people who are going to vaccine centres or or getting important stuffs should be seen on the roads. That's the only solution left.

We must have lost several lives due to the callous attitude of people, who had the mentality of having high immunity power to the virus or they had been fully vaccinated and that they won’t get Covid. But they don't have the basic understanding that they could still spread the virus to others who were vulnerable. So, the government and people should together work hand-in-hand.

Strict policing should be enforced at places where gatherings are expected. People should be habituated to follow laid down rules by the government. Only then we can see the end of the pandemic in India. Otherwise, the virus itself should get weakened and go away. Knowing people’s mentality, the latter should be the possibility after a long time, but at the cost of how many more precious lives?