Last Minute Tips For JEE

With JEE mains around the corner, everyone is trying to figure out the methods that can help gain maximum marks. JEE is not about completing a syllabus but it is about revision. With such a vast syllabus, it is quite difficult to remember everything from the whole syllabus. Prepare less syllabus perfectly rather than knowing nothing from the whole syllabus. Below are 6 tips that will help you fetch maximum marks out of your preparation. 

"Revision is the Key" 

1. Don't start studying any new topic

Make perfection in what you have studied. You will be able to score maximum if you revise what you have studied so far. Suppose in an exam a question comes from the chapter you have studied, but you cannot solve it because you haven't prepared that chapter thoroughly. Maybe at the time of making that chapter to perfection, you were busy studying a new chapter. So don't make this mistake and prepare what you have already prepared.

2. Keep revising short notes

You must have maintained some short notes like which summarizes your whole chapter in 1-2 page. So this is the time to revise all those formulae, concepts, and theories mentioned in your notes. Using those short notes, solve previous year's questions. If you haven't made such notes then get your books and notes and start summarising everything on two pages. In this way, you will be able to do effective revision also.

3. Practice Previous year questions

Previous year questions are a must. Throughout the preparation, you must have solved PYQs. At least two times you should go through PYQs. The benefit of solving PYQs is that it gives a clear idea about the type of questions asked in exams, important chapters and concepts that are repeatedly asked.

4. Practice Mock Tests in your time slot of exam

When you get your admit card, on that you have your time slot for the exam. So try to give one mock test every day in that time slot. In this way, you will solve your mock tests also and you will get a habit of being productive for those 3 hours. Free mock tests are easily accessible. You can find many free tests on Unacademy and NTA Abhyaas app. Solving from these platforms should be sufficient.

5. Analysis of Mock Tests

After solving mock tests analyze where you were weak and try to strengthen those topics. Here, don't start studying a new chapter. Revise formulae and concepts of those chapters which you find difficult to recollect while giving mock tests. If you attempt mock tests on Unacademy, it gives a report of our performance which can be very beneficial for self-analysis. 

6. Proper Sleep

Sleep is very important these days. You should get proper sleep of about hours every day. Try not to panic and overburden yourself with preparation. Eating healthy is equally important. Meditate every day for at least 10 minutes. This will give peace of mind and will help in better concentration.

All the best!