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Social Media: Friend or Foe

 Social Media: Friend or Foe

Being a 90s kid, I always feel like how the time has changed. We the 90s born are the true witness of this digital evolution in such a short period of time. This change makes me realize how exciting those times were, when watching a single episode of our favorite shows was all that we wanted.. BSNL landline was the only mode of networking back then. With the advancement of this mobile technology, we are just one touch away from family, friends, entertainment, shopping, and whatnot. We don't have to wait for the letters from our relatives or go for shopping by managing time from our hectic schedule, you just name the thing and it is on your doors.

With each and every increment in the ‘G-Generation’ of wireless communication, we are empowered with faster data speed and advanced service fields. Cheaper data packs and affordable smartphones have submerged everyone into the virtual world all the time. Social media has become a big part of our activities as well as our life. Pre-wedding, post-wedding, birthday photoshoot & many more like these are done only for the sake of upgrading our social profile. Rather than enjoying the moment and living in that special moment people are busy always busy in posting the pictures on social media and living in that virtual world only. It has become a norm that if you are famous on social media, you are famous in real life too.

‘If you didn’t post it you didn’t do it’.

Everywhere either inside or outside of our houses, people are stuck with the screens. It’s hard to get their attention and to talk about  real-world or appreciate nature. Whether it’s an outing, dining out, dressing up, it is incomplete without posting it with different kinds of filters and captions. Nowadays machines, using data from our digital footprint, have became better judges of our personality than our friends and family. A little dopamine that we get every time we post, like, comment on anything is going to make us contribute more. Now, being happy or sad is somehow dependent on the response that we get on these social media platforms.

We also can't deny the fact that social media is a very powerful & fruitful media. For business expansion, social connectivity, learning a new skill, showcasing your talent, freelancing, getting world updates in every field, and many more, it has immense potential. Almost all of us rely on the social platform that it can’t be ignored for sure.

It is essential to understand that we don’t let it overtake our real-life activities. Real-time relationships can’t be replaced with virtual friendships and it's true. Let’s not waste our time & energy behind these endless scrolls & affecting our health in return. Enjoy once in a while what’s around without thinking about how to showcase it on Instagram with random English songs. Plan a trip without telling the world, feel nature, get to know yourself, spend time with family without bothering about that perfect selfie. Invest in your hobby rather than following unrealistic accounts all day.

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