What makes a life worth living.

How to live long and happy 

This story starts way back in 1938 when a 268 harvard sophomores joined a study conducted as a part of Harvard study of Adult Development which came out as the longest study ever done on adult life, when those Harvard student were included in the study most of them were in their 20's. So, they were asked what they consider as the key to their happiness and success, that time was of great depression as a result answers they got back were money or fame.

But, when research continued for more than 80 years with those Harvard men which later included 465 residents of Boston inner city, what they found out was astonishing, they found out that what makes a life worth living is not money or fame or status-power etcetera...

What they found out was that the key to happy and healthy life is how much satisfied and fulfilled you are in your relationships, in the study researchers monitored their participants very closely, they gave a weekly visit to their homes asked questions about their daily doing, checked their medical records, those participants who said to love their relationships in their 50s were more healthy and happy in their 80s.

Researchers also find out that marital satisfaction acts as protective shield in later adult life  of participants, so when a problem striked, could be a physical pain, those who had happy marriages shown better recovery than those who were unsatisfied in their marriages, or those who were lonely in their marriages.

Research also provided enough proof that what matters is the quality of relationships you maintain rather than number of relationships you have, "you could be alone in a large party" - they said. Thus, stronger the bonds you share with your colleagues and friend and partner the more are the chances that you would live a healthy and fulfilled life.