Why humans need to reinvent

Why is it that humans' ability to change and reinvent themselves can be the most important skill in the 21st century !


 In the book “21 lessons for 21st century” author Yuval Noah Harrari, concludes that in the age of information where we are provided with infinite pools of content and data, we are unable to remove the clutter and see through clearly what really matters and what are the most important questions that nobody is asking.

As we are going through an era where technology is replacing humans in every facet of possible jobs and fields, nobody knows what our job market will look like in the upcoming decade, billions could be out of jobs as skills relevant today will become obsolete in near future, today’s best practices will be useless tomorrow. Hence, Yuval calls the skill to reinvent yourself and adapt to the current scenario of the market as the most valuable skill we can learn and teach it to our future generations.

 He says, as humans we can change ourselves until a certain age, so when you are at the age twenty you can change and reinvent your skillset, but when you are at the age of fifty or more you want stability and security, at that time what would be you won’t be able to change yourself and would be relied on your savings and investment, in such a case we would need to mentally strong and balanced as the world will be changing due powerful emerging technology and computational power.


So, we see that the world is changing and with these changes our culture and society will evolve into a new set of civilizations. Thus, we need to nurture our ability to be flexible and strive to reinvent ourselves, as such great computational powers will not only change our job market but will have a very deep impact on our society, its culture and its politics. 

For readers who want to dive deep, I recommend reading Yuval's book
21 Lessons for 21st century.