YOGA- Promoting Holistic Health

Yoga is the ultimate act of harmony between one’s physical existence and spiritual

conscience. The International Day of Yoga is observed on June 21st, and this day people are

educated about the benefits of yoga. This year's theme is Yoga For Wellness which emphasizes

the benefits of yoga for physical and mental health. It is a technique that aids in the control of

one's mind, body, and soul. Yoga is a lifestyle that promotes a healthy mind and body. You can't

always control what happens outside, but you always have control over what happens inside.

Yoga is the most natural method to feel peaceful, relaxed, and revitalized. It's referred to as both

an external and inside purifier. Including yoga in your everyday practice will help you maintain a

healthy mind and body. Following are some asanas that will help reduce stress and increase

immunity, based on their enormous benefits for both a healthy mind and body:

1. Vipassana

It is a Buddhist and Indian meditation method used to improve consciousness. It entails actively

controlling your attention to focus on the present moment while monitoring thoughts, emotions,

and your inner self. This can help you relax and reduce tension and anxiety by calming your


2. Pranayama

It's a breathing technique that enhances attention and helps individuals sleep better, it is ideal for

anyone who is stressed at work or in school. There are lots of different possible breathing patterns

you can do. Pranayama helps to connect your body and mind also supplies your body with

oxygen while removing toxins.

3. Sun Salutation

Surya Namaskars, which comprises of 12 powerful yoga positions that warms, strengthens, and

aligns the entire body, is well-known and practised. An inhale or exhalation aids the transition

from one posture to the next, giving the sequence a meditative character while also strengthening

flexibility and stamina.

4. Balasana

This is the child pose and is the easiest pose that can be practised by the beginners. It's a relaxing

position that calms the mind and helps the neurological system. One minute is all it takes to

release your body's tension and pressure.

5. Bhujangasana

Cobra posture is a popular name for this asana. It's a great yoga pose for increasing agility and

relieving back discomfort. It offers numerous physical health advantages, including asthma

alleviation. This yoga stance relaxes us right away, helps us breathe more easily, and relieves

muscle pain.

Yoga means addition. Energy, power, and beauty are added to the body, mind, and spirit..

So, Inculcate the habit of practising yoga in your daily life!