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75th Independence day


75th Independence Day

By: Astha Raghav 

Independence Day, in India national holiday celebrated annually on August 15. On 15 August 1947, India was declared independent from British colonialism and become the largest democracy in the world. Independence Day reminds us of all the sacrifices that were made by our freedom fighters to make India free from British rule.

15th August is celebrated as a national festival with flag hoisting, parades and cultural events.

Schools, colleges, offices, society complexes, government and private organizations conduct functions and celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. On this day, the Prime Minister of India hoists the flag at the Red Fort and addresses the nation by a speech. Doordarshan broadcasts the entire event live on television. Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru performed the first flag hoisting ceremony on 15th August 1947.

Why Do We Celebrate Independence Day 

India achieved independence after years of struggle. India got complete freedom from the British and secured full autonomy on 15th August 1947. That’s why the day holds great significance in the heart of every Indian citizen living in India or abroad. India completed 73 years of freedom on 15h August 2020. This day also reminds us of the struggles of freedom fighters and lives sacrificed by them in achieving independence. The pain that our heroes have gone through reminds us that the freedom we enjoy today has been earned by shedding the blood of lakhs of people. It also awakens a feeling of patriotism inside every citizen of India. It makes the present generation closely understand the struggles of the people at that time and acquaints them with the freedom fighters of India.

We remember the day with the sacrifices of our brave Indian freedom fighters. When India got independent, our first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Unfurled, our tricolor national flag at Red Fort and Lahori Gate in Delhi. From that day and onward, this day was celebrated as an independent day. The honour of the day’s solemn occasion, many programs dedicated at Red fort-like march past by our Indian soldiers, 21 gunshots are fired for the beginning of events and cultural activities by school students. Kite flying has also been done as the tradition of Independence Day celebration, with kites of various sizes, shapes, and colours filling in the sky. Later on, from the year 1974, all the chief ministers of respective States unfurled the National flag. 

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